A downloadable game for Windows

Corpse Party Infinitive is a Corpse Party
fan game that continues the story from Corpse Party Blood Drive.
(That's a lot of corpses and parties.)
Corpse Party Infinitive is a project that I started back in 2015 and that could have been
done until now buuuut since I am a lazy person, it eh. Isn't done. D:
The project CPI has been started with RPG Maker VX Ace in 2015, but in early 2018 it has been moved
over to RPG Maker MV. 
The reasons for it are the following:
Smoother interface
More customizable plugins
Aaaand that's already it.

Story [Spoilers for CP Blood Drive and CPI.]:
CPI Starts of directly where blood drive ended, with Yoshiki and Ayumi being trapped in a non existant space.
After a short while, when the Heavenly Host elementary school AKA the Nirvana got erased, a new problem came to sunlight.
The Book of Shadows, (the book responsible for the Nirvana) has closed the spell that created it, but since there were other active spells around,
the BoS got instable. If the spells wouldn't been returned to the BoS, the BoS would get instable and that could lead to a multiverse breakdown (since it's
connected to almost everything in exsitance)
In the quest to return all active spells, Ayumi decided to contact Satoshi, Yuka and Naomi to return to the Nirvana (a bad copy of it).

Discord: https://discord.gg/snSx43P

[for now, you can only finish the first chapter and about 70% of the second one. You can still find all name tags for now, and it will be displayed at the end of the game if you've got all of them]

Install instructions

Download the zip file, extract it and run the CPI Launcher


CPI v0.101 (demo).zip 137 MB
CPI v0.104 (GameJamBuild).zip 166 MB

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